Why Clean My Can?

It Stinks and Is Dangerous.....

People and pets can get infected when they come in contact with the dangerous bacteria that is being grown in the trashcan.  

Whats growing in my can?

Trash cans are full of harmful bacteria.  The harmful organisms that can be found in trashcans include E. Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and Baylisacaris.  

Animals are attracted to Dirty Cans...

Dirty cans attract cockroaches, maggots, flies, mice, rats, possums, raccoons, and other pests that are harmful.  

Roundworm can be passed through raccoons...

What is Roundworm?  Roundworm is found in infected raccoons and the eggs are passed through the feces.  Symptoms include tiredness, loss of coordination, and loss of muscle control.  

We use hot water....

You use hot water to wash your dishes?  Why would you use cold water to wash your trash can when it can pass dirty bacteria to people and animals.  We use water that is 180 to 200 degrees to kill the bacteria.  

How It Works

Industry Leading Trailer Cleaning System

Our system cleans the filthiest cans and does it with a minimal amount of water.


The 195 degree water hits your garbage can at 3500 psi and the Cyclone rotating heads produce 500% more power than a spray bar. 

100% Chemical Free Wash

No harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning of the can.  The heat that is produced from the diesel fired burners do all of the hard work.